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Here’s a Question for NFTA Police Chief George Gast

If you haven’t seen the above video yet, you should watch it so you can get idea of what police are like in this country.

The actions of this unidentified Niagara Frontier Transportation Authority officer (the NFTA are protecting his identity) in this video are unacceptable and, more important, criminal. Any non-cop who said this to police would be charged with assault on a police officer and making terroristic threats. The person would likely receive the worst beat-down of their lives, too. On the other hand, we all know how differently the law works for police when they are caught breaking the law, and how ineffective it is to have law enforcement police themselves.

After watching the video, I sent an email to the NFTA to let them know what I thought of this officer’s criminal behavior. I received the following response from Chief George Gast:

Recently a posting was placed on YouTube of a Niagara Frontier Transportation Authority Police Department (NFTA-PD) police officer engaged with a member of the public who was video taping the officer.  During the course of this interaction the officer made a highly inappropriate statement.   

The officer involved has been disciplined for his actions and lack of respect for the public.  Additionally the officer will be required to complete additional training in professionalism and dealing with the public. 

The actions of this officer were not, and are not condoned, by the Chief of Police, the Command Staff of the Department, or by the Niagara Frontier Transportation Authority.  Please know that we are fully committed to having the best-trained officers in our department so that we can prevent actions like this from ever happening again.  

Discipline is not good enough. This cop should be charged for his criminal behavior and fired. But the NFTA obviously believes differently and feels comfortable having this potential liability to taxpayers patrolling public streets.

So here’s my question to Chief of Police George Gast:

If an unprovoked member of the public walked up to an NFTA police officer and said he was going to break the officer’s fucking face, what would happen to that person? Would he be charged with a crime? If so, what crime would he be charged with?

Anyway, it looks the NFTA have set a sad precedent by not charging this officer. Which means from now on everybody should walk up to every NFTA officer they see on the street and tell them that they’re going to break their fucking face since apparently it’s not a crime.

Well, at least for cops it isn’t.

Mohawked Man Goes Ballistic Over Photo

If you shoot street photography, you’ve certainly come across angry or belligerent subjects. They don’t usually beat you on the head with a skateboard though, as a miffed mohawked man did to a photographer in Austin, TX.

The man who was assaulted said he had been taking photos of “anything that was remotely interesting or unusual,” according to the affidavit. When he photographed 23-year-old Johnathan Washburn’s mohawk, Timothy Beard, 19, told him to delete the picture from his digital camera, according to the affidavit.

The man refused and Beard took his $100 Oakley sunglasses, the affidavit said. When the victim tried to get his sunglasses back, according to the affidavit, Washburn hit him on the left side of the head with the skateboard.

This seems odd because mohawks are in my mind aggressively look-at-me hairdos, so wouldn’t you be accustomed to the attention?

By the way, Washburn was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and Beard was charged with theft.

Source: The Blotter/The Statesman

Shia LaBeouf Attacks Pap with Coffee, Then Runs Away

This video seems like a big joke, but it also makes me want to give up documentary photography and become a paparazzo. I already live in Los Angeles, and how great would it be to actually make great money taking pictures and then get to drop-kick Shia LaDouche’s ass after he throws coffee on you? Why don’t any of these paps ever kick the shit out of these celebrities going wild? Maybe Arnie should sign another law creating harsher penalties for celebrities who attack law-abiding photographers.

What a passive-aggressive pussy you are LaBeouf, running away like that.

Andrews International Execs Remain Silent Over Guards’ Aggressive Behavior

Photo by discarted
NOTE: This guard did not have anything to do with the incident.

Dear Mr. Andrews:

I wanted to write again regarding an incident with your security personnel because it seems as if you didn’t receive my last letter. At the very minimum, this is a customer service issue, and it’s shocking that you wouldn’t want to address, much less acknowledge, a situation where your security team’s actions have been questioned.

I am referring to what happened between myself and your security guards at the Hollywood and Highland Metro station where I was harassed, threatened with arrest and cursed at for taking photographs. In case you are unaware, Andrews International security are notorious for overstepping the limits of their authority and harassing people in Hollywood. There are extremely few laws that restrict photography in public places, and they’re mostly relating to military installations or people with an expectation of privacy (i.e., in their homes). National Press Photographers Association (NPPA) attorneys have issued a memorandum on the subject that says in part:

+ There is no federal law that would prohibit photography in public places or restrict photography of public places and/or structures.

+ Any restrictions that the government does impose would need to have supporting evidence that it was essential for public safety. The burden is on the government;

Presumably you are thinking that the issue will just go away, but I’d like you to know that photographers will continue to shoot in public spaces in and around Hollywood since it is our legal right to do so. What’s more, now that we have a small movement going, this issue is on the radar, and it’s more than likely that your guards will unnecessarily and inappropriately detain photographers in the future. So my suggestion to you is to train your security force on the laws so that a situation doesn’t escalate unnecessarily.

Shawn Nee

To contact Andrews International executives regarding this incident click here.

UK Security Guard Assaults Photographer

This security officer in the UK gets handsy with a photographer on a public street in Middlesbrough. From the photographer’s account:

Two security guards from the nearby shopping center THE MALL came running over, we were surrounded by six hostile and aggressive security guards. They then said photographing shops was illegal and this was private land. I was angry at being grabbed by this man so i pushed him away, one of the men wearing a BARGAIN MADNESS shirt twisted my arm violently behind my back, i winced in pain and could hardly breathe in agony.

I thought the Brits were supposed to be more civilized?

Read the full account here.

via WindWalkabout

Albuquerque Cop Daniel Guzman Attacks News Photographer

Did Albuquerque police officer Daniel Guzman cross the line? By the looks of this video, it sure seems so. After exchanging a few words about a media staging area, local NBC news videographer Rick Foley was putting his gear back into his car when Officer Guzman hauls off and attacks him. The officer seemed to have gotten so riled up because he wasn’t being sufficiently respected, and he unfortunately let his youth and inexperience get the best of him (he’s only been on the force for just over a year). Foley spent 90 minutes in handcuffs. Guzman’s defense was that he was “sticking his camera in my face.” As annoying as that may be, it’s nowhere near a crime. APD Chief Ray Schultz says the incident is now under review. 

Here’s Chief Schultz’s email if you’d like to drop him a line:

via RonPaulvsTyranny

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