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Paparazzi Living It Up In DC

Photo by Marvin Joseph/The Washington Post

You wouldn’t think Washington, DC has enough sexy people to merit paparazzi. There isn’t really a big market for shots of Paul Ryan getting his haircut. But the Washington Post tells us that is, in fact, the case:

Yes, Washington now has its own homegrown pack of street photographers, a half-dozen or so who make their living selling photos and videos of visiting celebrities to gossip blogs, Web sites and magazines such as People and Us Weekly.

Local photographers have found they can make a great living hunting the haunts of celebrities that come to town to shoot movies or testify on the Hill. And the bonus is there is a lot less competition than in New York and LA, so photographers can make good money. Colin Drummond, the photographer they profiled, makes six figures — and made $50,000 (and counting) from a shot of a visiting Oprah. (OK, the photo also seemed to prove that she has six toes.)

The photographers who work this beat are more aggressive than the press corps Washington is used to, but so far they have not crossed the line into Britney Spears-type stalking. You’d probably get sent to Guantanamo for that, so it’s best not to push it.

“Everybody knows the rules, and to the extent anybody strays from them, we get them in line pretty quickly,” [Senate Sergeant at Arms Terrance W.] Gainer says. “The whole thing you see on television — what goes on in New York and L.A. — may occur on the street, but it’s not an issue up here.”

Source: Washington Post

IDs For Your Friendly Local Paparazzi

With trendy shops and restaurants, Robertson Boulevard in LA is known as a good star-sighting spot. (OK, if your idea of a star is Kelly Osbourne.) And where there are stars, there are paparazzi. So The Daily Truffle has ID’d all the photogs hanging around the street day in and day out … Splash, Bauer Griffin, Wire Image, Getty. It’s insane when you think about it, really.

Fashion Street Photography Surges

Photo by Eirik Slyngstad/The Streethearts

The rise in street style photographers outside of fashion shows in New York, Paris and London has become a cottage industry of its own. As the Business of Fashion website writes, the hordes of photographers is starting to rival that for the most tabloid-worthy Hollywood stars, and it can be dangerous. It’s no wonder though; like a prized shot of Angelina Jolie, photos of the fashionable elite can result in serious bank.

But the rapid rise of street photography also has a darker side. The ‘bloggers walk’ in the Jardin des Tuileries, site of many major Paris shows, is now completely out of control. Indeed, it’s become increasingly difficult to tell the difference between the aggressive paparazzi who stalk Hollywood celebrities outside bars and clubs and a few of the bad apples amongst the hordes of photographers that accost editors as they come in and out of shows.

Several street style bloggers told me confidentially that the competition is extremely fierce for getting the best photographs, which can then be sold on to global editions of Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar each for as little as $200, but up to $1000 or more.

For some examples of exemplary street style, see StreetPeeperWoodboard and The Streethearts.

Paparazzi for a Day, Memories for a Lifetime

Photo by two cute dogs

There are many wonderful things to do in LA … the Getty Center, Venice canals, Griffith Park, Kogi BBQ truck … but if you’re visiting, why not spend $150 to shadow paparazzo Rick Mendoza, best known for suing Britney Spears for running over his foot.

The “Rolling With the Paparazzi” tour will let you “chase celebrities all day,” or for three hours, and experience the “thrill of the hunt,” or show up when a Kardashian sister texts to let you know she’s leaving her gym.

(Lawsuit is sold separately.)

Source: LA Times

“No Tolerance” for Invasive Royal-Lusting Paps

The world is in a tizzy over the impending nuptials of Prince William and his fiancée Kate Middleton, and so in an effort to retain some sense of normalcy, and maybe to prolong his life, the prince will enact a “no tolerance” policy for the paparazzi during his engagement, wedding and married life. He will, according to the Telegraph, have a lawyer at the ready to file civil or criminal charges against intrusive tabloid photographer that violate the couple’s privacy. This is undoubtedly a decision driven in large part by his mother’s infamous death. Among the offending behavior that could land the paps in trouble — vehicle pursuits and telephoto lenses that capture private activity from public land.

I know the argument on one hand: he is a public figure, a member of the beloved royal family, and with that title — and privilege — comes the nuisance of constant attention and scrutiny. But, I also believe even when you’re a public figure you don’t sign up for a 100 mph car crash or the world getting to see revealing photos of you sunbathing in your backyard.

Source: The Telegraph

Miley Cyrus Needs to Shut Up and Eat Her Breakfast

Sorry Miley, but if you’re so concerned  about your 10-year-old sister being photographed then maybe you shouldn’t bring her out in public where there is no expectation of privacy and it is not against the law to videotape anyone. And if being photographed in public bothers you so much that it causes you to act like a self-righteous clam and put your hands on someone else’s property, then you should stay home and have your private chef cook you breakfast.

It was you, who was being rude…DUDE. Threatening to call the police because a woman was photographing you while in public? That’s a laugh. What would be the charge? More important, how can you even justify your behavior when your little sis’s picture is dreadfully already all over the place! Get over yourself.

This woman should’ve smacked you as soon as you touched her camera and told you to shut-the-fuck-up and go back to your overpriced fruit cup. But I love how you didn’t have enough bitch in you to do anything about all of the male paparazzi that were standing much closer to the restaurant photographing your annoying sister.

I’m presuming she’s annoying, since she shares your genes.

Shia LaBeouf Attacks Pap with Coffee, Then Runs Away

This video seems like a big joke, but it also makes me want to give up documentary photography and become a paparazzo. I already live in Los Angeles, and how great would it be to actually make great money taking pictures and then get to drop-kick Shia LaDouche’s ass after he throws coffee on you? Why don’t any of these paps ever kick the shit out of these celebrities going wild? Maybe Arnie should sign another law creating harsher penalties for celebrities who attack law-abiding photographers.

What a passive-aggressive pussy you are LaBeouf, running away like that.

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