Miley Cyrus Needs to Shut Up and Eat Her Breakfast

Sorry Miley, but if you’re so concerned  about your 10-year-old sister being photographed then maybe you shouldn’t bring her out in public where there is no expectation of privacy and it is not against the law to videotape anyone. And if being photographed in public bothers you so much that it causes you to act like a self-righteous clam and put your hands on someone else’s property, then you should stay home and have your private chef cook you breakfast.

It was you, who was being rude…DUDE. Threatening to call the police because a woman was photographing you while in public? That’s a laugh. What would be the charge? More important, how can you even justify your behavior when your little sis’s picture is dreadfully already all over the place! Get over yourself.

This woman should’ve smacked you as soon as you touched her camera and told you to shut-the-fuck-up and go back to your overpriced fruit cup. But I love how you didn’t have enough bitch in you to do anything about all of the male paparazzi that were standing much closer to the restaurant photographing your annoying sister.

I’m presuming she’s annoying, since she shares your genes.

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