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New Law Means Aggressive Paps Face Harsher Penalities

California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger went and did it — he signed the bill known as AB 2479, which will impose more serious penalties on aggressive paparazzi, including stiff fines and one year of jail time. Not surprising considering the Gov is a former celebrity married to a celebrity and friends with many celebrities.

The California Newspaper Publishers Association opposed the bill, arguing that it would hinder First Amendment rights. It’s a thorny issue, and both sides make good points.

But, as in the case of hypocritical paparazzo Carol Williams, who put herself in the position to be run over by Paris Hilton’s boyfriend’s car and then protests “Don’t take my picture!”, maybe the law wouldn’t be such a bad thing.

Article from LA Times

Paparazzi: Don’t Take My Picture!

You know what, Carol Williams, I don’t care if you lose your job because you were dumb enough to step in front of a moving vehicle and have your gorilla foot run over by Paris Hilton’s boyfriend because he was blinded by hundreds of your buddies’ strobes. If I was there during your pleas to not be photographed, I would’ve shot away and posted your image all over the place because you are not partially at fault for this accident—this was ALL YOUR FAULT! And thankfully your image IS being plastered all over internet because of your stupidity.

What a hypocrite you are to tell someone not to photograph you while in public! When your own job requires you to chase down celebrities and photograph them against their will. More important, in the process of harassing celebrities, you violate various laws to get your precious photos. Just curious, would you have stopped photographing Ms. Hilton if she had asked you to stop?

And how do we even know that you didn’t intentionally get run over so you could file a frivolous lawsuit against Cy Waits and Paris Hilton and settle out of court for some big payout that you don’t deserve? Personally, I can’t wait to see you get fired and charges pressed against you and your photog gang for being a menace.

For the record, I strongly support photographers (including law-abiding paps) and their right to photograph people in public without consent. But when someone breaks the law to get their images, gets injured in the process, and then tells people not photograph her (as if the rules don’t apply anymore). Well, that just irks the hell out of me.

Here’s another angle of the accident with a nice long shot of Carol Williams—the law-breaking paparazzi who caused this mess.

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