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Who is YouTube Member “8Bwv”?

“Yeah go fuck yourself  man. Your a low life scum bag. I would love to meet you  so I could stab you in your fuckin neck. You whinny pussy piece of shit.”

Over the past two years or so, we have received plenty of disparaging comments from various people on YouTube, but this one from “8Bwv” (which was left July 30, 2010) is probably one of the angriest and most threatening comments that we have had the pleasure of reading.

If anybody knows who YouTube member “8Bwv” is, please let us know.

MTA Workers Harass Photographers, Make Stuff Up

Photo by maisa_nyc

Since when do MTA workers care what anyone does in the subway stations?

This past weekend, a group of transit workers at the 9th Avenue station in Brooklyn harassed photographer Maki Isayama, telling him he wasn’t allowed to take photos because…well, “you’re not allowed.” When Isayama protested, another worker said he would have to confiscate his camera and erase the images.

But it wasn’t an isolated incident! Another photographer encountered a similiar situation last week when he took this photo in the subway and an MTA worker threatened to confiscate his camera.

Wait – I’m confused. Don’t MTA guidelines clearly state that photos are allowed in the subway?

Tequila Party Member Harasses of Videographer

It’s extremely ironic when the man in the black jacket raises concerns about the videographer’s “moral compass,” since it’s very clear that the moral compasses of the people entering the United States illegally have been broken since the day they arrived.

When the News Becomes the News

DOT Headquarters a No-Photo Zone

Photo by army.arch

Stephen Miller just wanted to take photos of some vintage bicycles at the US Department of Transportation headquarters in D.C. But a security guard said that wasn’t allowed. Why, you might wonder? He couldn’t tell you that, but he knows it’s not allowed.

From Miller’s account:

“What’s going on here?” he asked.

“I’m photographing the bicycles,” I replied. He continued walking, and I rode down to the next installation — three vintage gas pumps — and began taking photos of them.

“You can’t do that here,” he told me. I asked him why not. “It’s the rules, for security,” he said. I asked him what rule prevented me from taking photographs of public art, but he said that he could not tell me the rule. I asked if he worked for DOT or a subcontractor hired for security. “I can’t tell you that,” he replied again. I asked for his name, which he also refused to tell me.

“So you can’t tell me the rule, your name, or who you work for?” I asked him.

“Nope,” he replied. Luckily, at that point I was already done taking photographs, so I wished him a good evening and continued my ride.

This is not the first time photographers have been hassled at the DOT. Flickr user urbandispute posted an incident where he was stopped and questioned three different times for taking pictures outside the DOT. As urbandispute puts it, the building was built in a run-down part of D.C. as part of revitalization efforts. It’s one block from the Washington Nationals stadium, and there are several public art installations outside for pedestrians to enjoy. Which raises the question: What the hell is their problem?

Article from Greater Greater Washington

Threatened With Arrest

Last week I wrote about a confrontation between myself and the LAPD while legally photographing a crime scene where a man had been killed. During the encounter LAPD officers berated, bullied and threatened me with unlawful arrest for supposedly obstructing their investigation. At no point did  I encroach on the crime scene, or cross police tape to photograph the incident. I was well within my legal rights granted to me by the US Constitution and LAPD’s Media Relations Handbook.

US Bank Tower Guards Harass and Call Photographers Idiots

On January 18, NPRO members went to the US Bank Tower in Downtown Los Angeles to protest against their security staff’s illegal treatment of photographers when photographing the property from a public sidewalk.

Over the next couple of days, more video and photos will be posted, showing what happened, along with contact info for the building’s management staff.

In the the meantime, here is the building’s address and phone number. Please contact them after listening to the audio and reading the transcript to voice your concerns.

US Bank Tower
633 W 5th St.
Los Angeles, CA 90071
(213) 615-6300

Below is a transcript of what happened between NPRO members and the US Bank Tower’s security staff on January 18, 2009.


US BANK SECURITY GUARD: Excuse me sir, you’re not allowed to take any pictures.

NOHO DAMON: We’re both on a public sidewalk here.

US BANK SECURITY GUARD: No actually this sidewalk is private.

NOHO DAMON: No, no, no, no…(inaudible)


NOHO DAMON: This is a public sidewalk.


NOHO DAMON: You guys own the street?

US BANK SECURITY GUARD: That’s the public, this is private.

NOHO DAMON: You’re telling me you own the street, you’re telling me you own the sidewalk.


NOHO DAMON: You’re telling me that.


NOHO DAMON: Would you be willing to discuss that with a cop?


NOHO DAMON: That you own the sidewalk?


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