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Do not believe what you’ve been reading in the mainstream media about the Fullerton PD protest that happened on Saturday.  I was there, photographing the event and what I witnessed does not line up with what is being written by major news publications.

Killed for Taking Photos

Taking photos in downtown Hollywood comes with its own nuisances — tourists who don’t know how to walk, punches in the face, BID Patrol. But last night’s fatal stabbing at Hollywood and Highland proves that it’s also possibly very dangerous. As the LA Times reports, Christine Calderon, 23, and her friend took photos with their cellphones of some panhandlers holding what’s described as offensive signs. (Some LAist commenters claim they say “F*** You Very Much.”) When the women refused to give the panhandlers money, they were attacked. Calderon died later at the hospital during surgery. Three men are now in custody.

More information will surely come out, but in the meantime, this is reminder to keep safety in mind when taking photos in public. People are crazy.

UPDATE: LAist has an account from Calderon’s friend who was with her at the time of the attack. He said the sign read “F*** You. Give me a dollar, please.” They took photos (one of which accompanies the post), the panhandlers asked for money, and they told them to “f*** off.” Commenters on that post are actually saying it’s Calderon’s fault for instigating it. (Because yeah, you should always expect to be killed for exchanging words with someone in the street.)

And KPCC has the names of the three suspects booked for the murder: Dustin Kinnear, 27; Jason Wolstone, 33; and Brian Widdows, 34.

MD Mall Security Assaults Man For iPhone Video

Arundel Mills Mall in Hanover, Md., has a lot to offer —  a couple of chain and outlet stores, some high-calorie food options, and security guards who will assault you if you record them with your phone.

That’s what happened to Thomas Tang on April 8 when he and his girlfriend entered the mall by trying two different entrances that aren’t permitted after a certain hour, even though they were still open. Tang and his girlfriend, Erin Fabian, argued with security for not allowing them into the mall to get to the movie theater, which was still open. More security was called, and the pair were banned from the mall for their behavior in challenging the policy.

On his way out of the mall, Tang pulled out his iPhone to record the guards’ behavior and told them he would put it on YouTube. That really set them off, and they chased him into the parking lot. Four guards wrestled him to the ground and took his iPhone and deleted the video. He and Fabian were arrested by local police — he for trespassing, she for assault since the police claim she hit a guard in the chin.

Arundel Mills, which is owned by Simon Property Group in Indianapolis, is of course private property and they have the right to request people leave the premises and ban them too, if they so desire. However, security staff have no authority to assault you or seize your property, regardless of your behavior. They actually have the exact same amount of authority as you or me.

The authorities have told Tang there is nothing he can do; they say he was on private property so he has no recourse. Not true exactly.

This is what we recommended to him (and anyone who is being railroaded by individuals or companies abusing their authority): He should press charges against them for theft, unlawful detainment, assault and battery, false imprisonment and destruction of property; get recovery software to retrieve the iPhone video and put it on YouTube; get the mall’s security footage; file a complaint with the state agency that is the watchdog for security guard companies; contact the Better Business Bureau; contact local politicians, like city council members and the DA’s office; send the story to local news media so people are aware that this mall employs people who break the law. (This local site has already picked it up.)

Large Goon Assaults Photographer at GA Pol’s Event

Woody Marshall, a photographer for the Macon Telegraph, was covering Georgia State Sen. Robert Brown’s press conference in late December in Macon City, GA, when a large goon unexpectedly attacked him, slamming him into a wall and knocking him down. (See the video here.) All the while, the attacker is yelling, “Better calm down!”

The man has been identified as Malik Brown, but Sen. Brown said he was not a relative or staff member and was not authorized to beat any reporters to a pulp. (I’m paraphrasing.) Interesting, though, that a man with the name Brown would arrive and leave with the senator’s group and the senator has no knowledge of who he is. Hmmm.

Malik Brown was later identified as the son of one of Sen. Brown’s loyal supporters, C.J. Brown. They are not related to the senator, but C.J. Brown considers them to be like “brothers.” So, yes, Sen. Brown does know who Malik Brown is. Malik and C.J. Brown, as well as an aide who answered the phone at Sen. Brown’s office, claimed Marshall antagonized the senator.

Malik Brown has been charged with simple assault and battery.

Source: WLTX and 13WMAZ and

Videographer Attacked by Plainclothes Cops

Have you ever wondered who are the ones watching the watchmen?

Well, it’s people like Jacob Crawford of CopWatch in San Francisco, who learn the hard way that the watchmen do not like being watched and will do anything to blind your prying eyes.

Such as this unidentified female officer who attacked and unlawfully detained Crawford for videotaping her and asking questions that she refused to respond to but is legally obligated to answer. The officer also claimed, “You can’t film people who don’t want to be filmed,” after Crawford was handcuffed, lying face-down in the street, and surrounded by other cops.

Just so you know, former undercover officer, we can film you—and people like Jacob Crawford are going to continue watching you with their cameras. So get used to your newfound viral glory because our cameras are everywhere—actually protecting and serving the public.

More important, your actions were criminal, and if you weren’t a cop, you would be spending the night in jail with the other criminals.

Here’s Crawford’s account of what happened:

“On November 18th I was assaulted by Plain Clothes Officers. We started off our shift at 16th in Mission in Sf by seeing several strange people. I assumed them to be plain clothes officers because I could see vests under their shirts. When they refused to identify themselves I wondered whether indeed these were “on the job” cops. Many cities around the country are known for having rogue units that take the “law” into their own hands, or are involved in organized crime. As I questioned a woman on her involvement she grabbed my camera and ran at me. From all directions came men who neither identified themselves as cops or gave orders. I assumed I was getting attacked, and I was unsure of by who. As I ran into 16th street two cops cars pulled up with lights on, it was at that point that I stopped and let the arriving officers take me down. Within seconds they could see that the move was faulty, and they released me with no charge[.]”

Woman Attacks Reporter at One Nation Rally

This past weekend, the One Nation Working Together march was held on the National Mall in Washington, DC as an event to build a more united America fueled by hope not hate. But for Human Events reporter Emily Miller, her day was filled with nothing but hate. She was repeatedly attacked by an unknown woman who did not want Miller recording her.

According to Human Events:

The reporter, Emily Miller, was first hit from behind while she was taping Rangel as the Harlem congressman glad-handed supporters in front of the Lincoln Memorial. Miss Miller is heard on the video saying, “Please don’t hit me.” The protester proceeds to yell at the reporter, “Well get out of the way! What do you think this is? A–hole.” The activist was attempting to meet Rangel herself. Miss Miller continued videotaping the event, when suddenly the same unhinged protester lunged at her, hit her on the arm, and yelled, “Don’t take my picture.”

Isn’t it wonderful knowing that this unknown woman will now be “attacked” via YouTube.

Article via Human Events

Beer-Stealing Goon Assaults CT Camera Crew

When will these people ever learn? I know if you’re leaving court after your wife faced sixth-degree larceny charges you’re all annoyed and put out, but typically it’s not a good idea to spray a camera crew with wasp and hornet spray. That will add to your legal troubles usually.

Sean Quail was accompanying his wife, Christy, who appeared at Connecticut Superior Court today to answer charges she received stolen beer from Omar Thornton, the guy who shot up the beer distributor in Hartford a few weeks back. (Sean was charged too; her court date was just earlier than his.)

Now, Sean Quail was arrested again and has been charged with “three counts each of reckless endangerment and third-degree assault, as well as carrying a dangerous instrument and breach of peace.” I hope it was worth it.

Article from Hartford Courant

Reporter Attacked at Neighborhood Meeting

What was so important at the “members only” La Habra Heights Improvement Association meeting that the members had to get into a physical altercation with a photojournalist? La Habra resident and independent reporter George Edwards was filming the yearly meeting when LHH member John Pearce lost it and attacked him from behind, trying to take his camera away.

After a group surrounded Edwards and repeatedly asked him to leave, saying it was a private meeting, another member, identified as Jeffrey Heintz, manhandles Edwards while claiming Edwards’ “was attacking members of the Improvement Association” with his filming. As Edwards tries to defend himself, a woman named Karen Vipperman says, “No, you were not attacked, your camera was touched.” (Note to Karen: Look up what assault means.)

Now, clearly there’s history and bad blood among Edwards and these people, and that’s totally immaterial. Because you take that out of the equation, and these LHH people are bat f*%#ing crazy. Just ugly, ugly behavior from adults who are supposed to be representing their community.  Meanwhile they don’t even realize another person is filming the whole thing.

Edwards filed a report with the LA sheriff’s office, which is investigating the incident.

Article from (TOTH to J.Alcorn)

Seattle Cop Punches Jaywalker

UPDATE: The president of the Seattle Police Officer’s Guild has reviewed the footage and determined the officer’s actions were justified considering the situation.

Seattle PD will do what it takes to bring jaywalkers to justice — even if it means punching one out and instigating an assault investigation.

Ah, the joys of cell phone cameras.

NC Rep Gets Into It With Videographers

Rep. Bob Etheridge (D-NC) doesn’t have time for these pesky student videographers who approach him on a DC street and ask if he supports Obama’s agenda. And so he does the only natural thing — he smacks them around.

Etheridge has apologized for his actions, but really, there’s no excuse.

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