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Large Goon Assaults Photographer at GA Pol’s Event

Woody Marshall, a photographer for the Macon Telegraph, was covering Georgia State Sen. Robert Brown’s press conference in late December in Macon City, GA, when a large goon unexpectedly attacked him, slamming him into a wall and knocking him down. (See the video here.) All the while, the attacker is yelling, “Better calm down!”

The man has been identified as Malik Brown, but Sen. Brown said he was not a relative or staff member and was not authorized to beat any reporters to a pulp. (I’m paraphrasing.) Interesting, though, that a man with the name Brown would arrive and leave with the senator’s group and the senator has no knowledge of who he is. Hmmm.

Malik Brown was later identified as the son of one of Sen. Brown’s loyal supporters, C.J. Brown. They are not related to the senator, but C.J. Brown considers them to be like “brothers.” So, yes, Sen. Brown does know who Malik Brown is. Malik and C.J. Brown, as well as an aide who answered the phone at Sen. Brown’s office, claimed Marshall antagonized the senator.

Malik Brown has been charged with simple assault and battery.

Source: WLTX and 13WMAZ and

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