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Reporter Attacked at Neighborhood Meeting

What was so important at the “members only” La Habra Heights Improvement Association meeting that the members had to get into a physical altercation with a photojournalist? La Habra resident and independent reporter George Edwards was filming the yearly meeting when LHH member John Pearce lost it and attacked him from behind, trying to take his camera away.

After a group surrounded Edwards and repeatedly asked him to leave, saying it was a private meeting, another member, identified as Jeffrey Heintz, manhandles Edwards while claiming Edwards’ “was attacking members of the Improvement Association” with his filming. As Edwards tries to defend himself, a woman named Karen Vipperman says, “No, you were not attacked, your camera was touched.” (Note to Karen: Look up what assault means.)

Now, clearly there’s history and bad blood among Edwards and these people, and that’s totally immaterial. Because you take that out of the equation, and these LHH people are bat f*%#ing crazy. Just ugly, ugly behavior from adults who are supposed to be representing their community.  Meanwhile they don’t even realize another person is filming the whole thing.

Edwards filed a report with the LA sheriff’s office, which is investigating the incident.

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