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Update: APD to Undergo Training

We posted on this story earlier, about Albuquerque police officer Daniel Guzman attacking a local NBC news videographer after exchanging some unpleasantries, and it looks like changes are afoot at the APD. It was all caught on tape, and Officer Guzman’s aggression was pretty shocking.

According to the Albuquerque Journal, Police Chief Ray Schultz reviewed the tape and determined mistakes were made. Now, the entire police department will undergo training so that they know how to appropriately respond in such situations.

Lesson #1: Don’t attack journalists while a camera is rolling.

Article via New Mexico.

Albuquerque Cop Daniel Guzman Attacks News Photographer

Did Albuquerque police officer Daniel Guzman cross the line? By the looks of this video, it sure seems so. After exchanging a few words about a media staging area, local NBC news videographer Rick Foley was putting his gear back into his car when Officer Guzman hauls off and attacks him. The officer seemed to have gotten so riled up because he wasn’t being sufficiently respected, and he unfortunately let his youth and inexperience get the best of him (he’s only been on the force for just over a year). Foley spent 90 minutes in handcuffs. Guzman’s defense was that he was “sticking his camera in my face.” As annoying as that may be, it’s nowhere near a crime. APD Chief Ray Schultz says the incident is now under review. 

Here’s Chief Schultz’s email if you’d like to drop him a line:

via RonPaulvsTyranny

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