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Jacarandas Everywhere

Photo by lumierefl

There is a  beautiful flowering tree in Los Angeles called the Jacaranda. These trees bloom spectacularly in May all over the city, so Good magazine is calling for readers to submit photos of their favorites. Find out more information here at “Project: Angelenos, Show Us Your Jacaranda Trees.” The resulting photos will be posted on the site’s Picture Show blog.

Photography Link Roundup

Photo: Smithsonian Institution

•  A Smithsonian volunteer has uncovered what seems to be the first true color photographs of the 1906 San Francisco earthquake — as well as the first true color photos ever taken of the city. [Newser]

•  Life magazine has released rare images of Hitler’s number one lady, Eva Braun, from her own personal collection. Love the one of Hitler’s portrait in her living room. [Life]

•  It’s a bummer when your Big Day coincides with a protest by anti-fascist demonstrators because then your photos are all messed up. [Daily Mail]

•  Dogtography, New York’s first-ever photo exhibit shot by dogs, is opening today. They took the photos with collar cams, if you’re wondering.  [Gothamist]

•  To celebrate Women’s History Month, NPR is calling for photos of inspiring women in any size, shape or form. To submit, tag your Flickr photos #nprwomen. [The Picture Show]

Call for Entries: Casey Medals for Meritorious Journalism

The 17th annual Casey Medals for Meritorious Journalism is calling for entries for outstanding reporting on disadvantaged children and families. The categories include print articles and series, as well as photojournalism, multimedia and video.

Winning stories offer a fresh take on a significant issue, show enterprise in research and reporting and demonstrate masterful storytelling and impact. Judging is conducted by respected journalists and journalism educators.

+  First-place winners receive $1,000 and are honored at a ceremony in Washington, DC.
+  The contest is open to news organizations with an independent voice (members of advocacy groups and professional associations are not eligible).
+ Work must have appeared in the 2010 calendar year, from January 1 to December 31.
+  The deadline is April 15, 2011.

Work from a variety of big and small newspapers, magazines and online outlets have won in the past. For more information, go to the University of Maryland’s Journalism Center on Children & Families.

MOPLA: Enter Now

MOPLA, which is Month of Photography Los Angeles, is accepting submissions for its annual April shows — for both a general show and the Smashbox Group Show. Their aim is to celebrate photography in all its forms in the great, creative city of LA. (Last year our own Shawn Nee participated in the group show.) 

Deadlines are in February and March. Find out about submissions here and here.

Get Money & Attention: Where to Enter Your Work

Photo by Shawn Nee /discarted

If your New Year’s resolution was to get some recognition for your work, here are three cool places to submit….

• The George Soros-backed Open Society Foundations has put out the call for the next Moving Walls exhibit. Open to established and emerging photographers, they are looking for work in 13 specific human rights and social justice categories, including the economic downturn in the US and mainstream media depictions of African American men and boys. Winners will be displayed in New York and Washington, DC, and the deadline is April 1. For more info on how to apply, go here.

•  The Pulitzer Center is looking for proposals on what they call “under-reported population issues.” The Center will be awarding grants for international travel in the range of $2,000 to $10,000, and even up to $20,000 depending on the project. Grants are available to journalists of all stripes and nationalities, including photographers. The deadline is rolling. See here for info on how to apply.

•  Slideluck Potshow is a quirky nonprofit that combines art and food. Based in New York City but operating in 40 cities in the US and abroad, the idea is that artists submit multi-media project (up to 5 minutes worth of images) and people bring home-cooked food and gather to watch the chosen slideshows. You might find yourself alongside world-renowned artists and unknowns alike. Find out about submissions here.

Cool Photography Round-Up

• Art director/designer Andrew Faris documented New York City, one Polaroid at a time. Even though the images are often of mundane things, it’s really well done and cool-looking, especially when seen all together. [Andrew Faris]

• 25 elite AP photographers are now available for children’s portraits, weddings, bar mitzvahs or other affairs. Not really…but they are available for hire to other media outlets, schedule permitting. [PDNPulse]

• Take a photo on Sunday, May 2 at 11 a.m. (EST) and send it into the New York Times’ Lens blog for their project  aiming to document “one moment in time across the world.” The photos will almost immediately appear on the web site and viewers can then scroll through them according to topic, country or whatever. [New York Times]

• On Greg Ceo’s blog he’s offering to send along your interesting photography projects to the editor at American Photo or feature them on his own blog’s “New Photographer Monday.” [Greg Ceo]

• And, similarly, on A Photo Editor’s blog, there’s a (different) photo editor looking for “projects related to the economy: foreclosure, stimulus construction, homelessness, unemployment.” Leave a comment or send links in an email. [A Photo Editor]

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