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Cool Photography Round-Up

• Art director/designer Andrew Faris documented New York City, one Polaroid at a time. Even though the images are often of mundane things, it’s really well done and cool-looking, especially when seen all together. [Andrew Faris]

• 25 elite AP photographers are now available for children’s portraits, weddings, bar mitzvahs or other affairs. Not really…but they are available for hire to other media outlets, schedule permitting. [PDNPulse]

• Take a photo on Sunday, May 2 at 11 a.m. (EST) and send it into the New York Times’ Lens blog for their project  aiming to document “one moment in time across the world.” The photos will almost immediately appear on the web site and viewers can then scroll through them according to topic, country or whatever. [New York Times]

• On Greg Ceo’s blog he’s offering to send along your interesting photography projects to the editor at American Photo or feature them on his own blog’s “New Photographer Monday.” [Greg Ceo]

• And, similarly, on A Photo Editor’s blog, there’s a (different) photo editor looking for “projects related to the economy: foreclosure, stimulus construction, homelessness, unemployment.” Leave a comment or send links in an email. [A Photo Editor]

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