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Photography Link Roundup

Photo: Smithsonian Institution

•  A Smithsonian volunteer has uncovered what seems to be the first true color photographs of the 1906 San Francisco earthquake — as well as the first true color photos ever taken of the city. [Newser]

•  Life magazine has released rare images of Hitler’s number one lady, Eva Braun, from her own personal collection. Love the one of Hitler’s portrait in her living room. [Life]

•  It’s a bummer when your Big Day coincides with a protest by anti-fascist demonstrators because then your photos are all messed up. [Daily Mail]

•  Dogtography, New York’s first-ever photo exhibit shot by dogs, is opening today. They took the photos with collar cams, if you’re wondering.  [Gothamist]

•  To celebrate Women’s History Month, NPR is calling for photos of inspiring women in any size, shape or form. To submit, tag your Flickr photos #nprwomen. [The Picture Show]

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