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Photography Link Roundup

Photo: Smithsonian Institution

•  A Smithsonian volunteer has uncovered what seems to be the first true color photographs of the 1906 San Francisco earthquake — as well as the first true color photos ever taken of the city. [Newser]

•  Life magazine has released rare images of Hitler’s number one lady, Eva Braun, from her own personal collection. Love the one of Hitler’s portrait in her living room. [Life]

•  It’s a bummer when your Big Day coincides with a protest by anti-fascist demonstrators because then your photos are all messed up. [Daily Mail]

•  Dogtography, New York’s first-ever photo exhibit shot by dogs, is opening today. They took the photos with collar cams, if you’re wondering.  [Gothamist]

•  To celebrate Women’s History Month, NPR is calling for photos of inspiring women in any size, shape or form. To submit, tag your Flickr photos #nprwomen. [The Picture Show]

Journalists Arrested at Clinton Wedding Site

The quaint Hudson River town of Rhinebeck is all abuzz with Chelsea Clinton wedding preparations and Norwegian journalists in hot pursuit of the big story. On Wednesday, Thomas Bjorn Nilsson and Kjerste Sortland, working for the newspaper Verdens Gang, were charged with trespassing at the Astor Estate where Clinton will be married on July 31. The journalists claim they were only photographing the gate.

We don’t know what really happened. Perhaps the Norwegians didn’t understand US private property laws — but Nilsson lives in New York, so that seems like a stretch. Maybe, more likely, police are being a little overzealous in their protection of this very high-profile wedding?

As the New York State Police spokesman said, “We’re aware of the visit by the former president of the United States and are working with the U.S. Secret Service as we do with all visits by protectees of the Secret Service.” That really says it all.

Article from Huffington Post

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