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Photography Link Roundup

Photo: National Library of Scotland

• For Veteran’s Day, Reuters compiled a sobering collection of dozens of photos of the US’s many wounded veterans. [Reuters]

• Even if you hate the Lakers (and we don’t blame you  if you do), NBA staff photographer Andrew D. Bernstein has some great documentary shots in the new book he co-authored with Phil Jackson called “Journey to the Ring.” [LA Times]

• Wired’s Raw File blog rounds up their favorite photobloggers. What, no Boy With Grenade? [Raw File]

• Underwater photographer Karin Brussaard was shooting tiger sharks in the Bahamas when a particularly cranky one snatched a camera right from her colleague’s hands. The camera survived with only a few scrapes. The colleague is looking into becoming a wedding photographer. [Daily Mail]

• The media they are a changin’, and here are the 12 things photo students need to know before they graduate. [PhotoShelter]


Photography Link Roundup

Priest with Dark Glasses, 1970 Photo by Paul McDonough/Courtesy of Sasha Wolf Gallery

• Paul McDonough muses on his masterly street photography, which is compiled in the just-released book “Paul McDonough: New York Photographs 1968–1978.” An exhibit of his work is also on display at New York’s Sasha Wolf Gallery beginning today. [The Paris Review]

• Matthew Brady, the most famous photographer in the world…circa 1860 – just one of the things you’ll learn about the “father of modern photojournalism” who died an indigent, naturally. [Washington Post]

• Britons are up in arms that Prime Minister David Cameron would have an official photographer on the payroll, which is pro forma here in the US, so that seems a little odd. A former photo editor and election artist debate the issue. [BBC]

• Photographer David K. Langford is suing the state of Texas for appropriating his iconic 1984 image of a cowboy and horse on its vehicle inspection stickers. Don’t mess with Langford. [UPI]

• San Francisco hosts the World Photography Festival Nov. 18-21, which will include talks, workshops, studio sessions and portfolio reviews. [World Photography Organisation]

Photography Link Roundup

Photo by Dean Terry

• A man with a blog examines some daguerreotypes of the Cincinnati waterfront from 1848 and, with the help of a reader, unearths one of the first photos of humans — ever. [Boing Boing]

• The British Journal of Photography awarded its International Photography Award to Michelle Sank’s image of a man lying face down in the grass. People were dismayed and confused. One of the judges explains the decision. [BJP]

• Seven years of taking the same shot out his office window, and Andy Kyle finally got the big one — a double rainbow over the River Dart in Dartmouth, Devon. The double rainbow guy would be apoplectic. [Daily Mail]

• Critical Mass announces their Top 50 and the Lucie Awards were given out last night. Cheers to all. [A Photo Editor]

• Cameraman Mike Skiff is suing Sacha Baron Cohen for assaulting him at a Prop 8 rally (in character as “Bruno”) in LA in 2008. He wants $25K to make it all better. [E! News]

Photography Link Roundup

Girls in Brooklyn, 1974 Photo by Danny Lyon/The U.S. National Archives

• A Q&A with freelance photographer Cary Conover about shooting for the New York Times, how the city has changed, and why he’s picking up and moving to Kansas to become a high school photojournalism teacher. [Street Reverb Magazine]

• With her work being displayed in London’s National Portrait Gallery, Mary McCartney (daughter of Paul) talks about her new photography book, a retrospective called From Where I Stand. Real talent or major connections? You decide. [The Guardian]

• Paul Hedlund lives on the streets of Seattle, selling copies of the newspaper “Real Change” and his own photography. “I get great compliments, but I need customers! It’s hard to sell art on the sidewalk.” [Crosscut]

• Another award for photographer Darcy Padilla – she won the W. Eugene Smith Grant for Humanistic Photography on Wednesday for her 17-year-long documentation of the AIDs-afflicted mother and addict Julie Baird. [Lens]

• James Franco to star as Robert Mapplethorpe in future biopic? [Showbiz 411]

Photography Link Roundup

Photo Courtesy of

• Terrorists “sick of being treated like photographers.” []

• The LA Times launches a new photography and video blog to focus on visual storytelling. [Framework]

• The Denver Post has some of the only color photographs from the Great Depression up on its photo blog. The images, taken by photographers from the Farm Security Administration/Office of War Information, cover four years in small-town rural America. [Denver Post]

• Delving into police abuses that took place after Hurricane Katrina, The New Orleans Times-Picayune uncovers evidence that police beat up two citizens and a photojournalist from the Toronto Star. [Times-Picayune]

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