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Photography Link Roundup

Photo by Dean Terry

• A man with a blog examines some daguerreotypes of the Cincinnati waterfront from 1848 and, with the help of a reader, unearths one of the first photos of humans — ever. [Boing Boing]

• The British Journal of Photography awarded its International Photography Award to Michelle Sank’s image of a man lying face down in the grass. People were dismayed and confused. One of the judges explains the decision. [BJP]

• Seven years of taking the same shot out his office window, and Andy Kyle finally got the big one — a double rainbow over the River Dart in Dartmouth, Devon. The double rainbow guy would be apoplectic. [Daily Mail]

• Critical Mass announces their Top 50 and the Lucie Awards were given out last night. Cheers to all. [A Photo Editor]

• Cameraman Mike Skiff is suing Sacha Baron Cohen for assaulting him at a Prop 8 rally (in character as “Bruno”) in LA in 2008. He wants $25K to make it all better. [E! News]

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