Photography Link Roundup

Priest with Dark Glasses, 1970 Photo by Paul McDonough/Courtesy of Sasha Wolf Gallery

• Paul McDonough muses on his masterly street photography, which is compiled in the just-released book “Paul McDonough: New York Photographs 1968–1978.” An exhibit of his work is also on display at New York’s Sasha Wolf Gallery beginning today. [The Paris Review]

• Matthew Brady, the most famous photographer in the world…circa 1860 – just one of the things you’ll learn about the “father of modern photojournalism” who died an indigent, naturally. [Washington Post]

• Britons are up in arms that Prime Minister David Cameron would have an official photographer on the payroll, which is pro forma here in the US, so that seems a little odd. A former photo editor and election artist debate the issue. [BBC]

• Photographer David K. Langford is suing the state of Texas for appropriating his iconic 1984 image of a cowboy and horse on its vehicle inspection stickers. Don’t mess with Langford. [UPI]

• San Francisco hosts the World Photography Festival Nov. 18-21, which will include talks, workshops, studio sessions and portfolio reviews. [World Photography Organisation]

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