Paparazzi vs. Surfers: Bedlam on the Beach

A pack of surfers that attacked paparazzi (twice) on a Malibu beach, in defense of Matthew McConaughey no less, has gotten a lot of buzz over the last day or so, with reactions ranging from “What intrusive, blood-sucking scumbags” to “Beaches are public places and don’t go to Malibu for seclusion and privacy.”

In my view, the photographers should be able to shoot on public property if they’re not breaking any laws. Driving like lunatics, chasing celebs, trespassing, etc., they should be fined or arrested. But I’m on the paps’ side on this one. It’s basically a photographers’ rights issue. And not all paps suck. The surfers were acting like a bunch of thugs, and Malibu locals/surfers are known for doing this to any outsider on “their” beach. I mean, the surfers walked the entire length of the beach to start a fight with them. They were the aggressors and should be arrested.

To view it from a different angle, how would you feel if you were on Hollywood Blvd. and a bunch of guys walked the entire block and jumped you because they didn’t like you taking a photo of somebody they were hanging out with?


Day Two of the Paps vs. Surfers:




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