POTW: The Egyptian

Photo by discarted

I will happily admit that I am not any kind of expert when it comes to dissecting what makes a good image. I am completely self-taught in regards to photography and read very little about the subject, so I lack any type of historical knowledge or grasp on photographic theories. Either I innately like an image or I don’t.

To kick off the Picture of the Week (POTW) and to force myself to start thinking more critically about my images, and others as well, I chose this photo for a few reasons:

1. The composition is good — I think. The lines and the paint along the pavement lead you right to the man’s face. His face and body are in perfect focus while the background has a slight blur, forcing you to concentrate on him.

2. The exposure and focus are dead-on, with his face landing in the the center of the gradation scale from light to dark.

3. The man, who is Egyptian, is a captivating subject. His glance, along with the cigarette and his clothing and bracelet, just pull you in. Looking at the image for the first time, I feel as though we are crossing paths once again, establishing a brief connection between strangers. It also seems like he knows something that I don’t.

Comments and critiques are welcomed. Especially from the photo editors.

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