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Photography Link Roundup

Photo by Patrick Hoelck

•  Polaroid photography doesn’t get enough love, or so it seemed to photographer Patrick Hoelck, who’s packaged a tribute in a book called “Polaroid Hotel.” [Patrick Hoelck]

•  The list of America’s most stressful jobs is out, and photojournalist made #4. And they only make on average $43K a year. At least a Senior Corporate Executive makes $167K. [CNBC]

•  David Hobby left the world of newspaper staff photography behind and changed the photography biz with his Strobist site. [Slate]

•  Eddie Adams didn’t want to be remembered for “Saigon Execution,” his photo of the Viet Cong prisoner with a gun to his head, and really actually wanted a Pulitzer for his photo of Jacqueline Kennedy holding the flag at her husband’s funeral. [Lens]

•  Google Video has bitten the dust. They recommend you move your videos over to YouTube and content will be removed after May 13. [The Register]

Best of Times for Photojournalists

Over at the journalists’ resource PoynterOnline, Al Tompkins recently did a post on the shift underway in photography toward video and the DSLR as the must-have gear.

Tompkins does a mini-interview with photographer Ami Vitale, who says this is a great time to be a photojournalist. (Clearly she hasn’t heard that journalism is imploding.) She explains:

We have more tools available than ever before and we also have an audience bigger than anytime in the history of mankind. It’s powerful, and I’d like to harness these tools and use them to communicate and create understanding in a complex world where messages are so easily misunderstood. I see this as a wonderful time to exploit all these tools for the power of good!

But as a commenter points out, the price of upgrading to remain competitive can be prohibitive, if not downright impossible, when you consider the Canon IDMK4 costs about $5,000. Most newsrooms certainly don’t have this money, and if it falls to the individual, then it seems photojournalism will increasingly be about economics.

Article via PoynterOnline

Chicago Photographer Arrested Again – CPD on the Warpath

bond2Monique Bond, CPD Spokesperson

UPDATE: Mike Anzaldi has been cleared of all charges. Read the post here.

We checked back in with Mike Anzaldi, the freelance photojournalist who was arrested by the Chicago Police Department October 22 at a crime scene. Thinking we’d hear about the status of his arrest, we were shocked to learn he’d been arrested again – and the second offense is even more outlandish than the first!

As we posted before, Anzaldi was arrested and his equipment was confiscated, and about 500 images were deleted from his memory card, when the Chicago police decided that he wasn’t allowed to film a crime scene from a neighbor’s private property. He was charged with obstruction and resisting arrest and his status hearing is set for November 19.

On November 3, Anzaldi responded to a report of shots fired at a church. When he got there, it turned out a man had brought a plastic gun into a shelter and there was no crime after all, but Anzaldi decided to shoot a few minutes of footage just in case. As he was doing this, he was approached by an officer who told him he couldn’t stand where he was standing and then asked to see his credentials.


This officer called his name into the dispatcher – here’s where it gets weird – and the dispatcher apparently told her to detain him. The officers on the scene were confused and clearly not in the loop, but nonetheless were following orders from above. After some back and forth with higher-ups, the officer told Anzaldi that there was some sort of problem with his ID but the computer in her car was broken, so she asked him to come to the station to clear things up. They promised it would take 15 minutes and they’d return him to his car. Anzaldi admits it was foolish of him to willingly go with them, but understand it from his point of view – it was not a crime scene, he had done nothing wrong, it was not a confrontational situation, and he never imagined anything would come of it.

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