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Photography Link Roundup

Photo by Patrick Hoelck

•  Polaroid photography doesn’t get enough love, or so it seemed to photographer Patrick Hoelck, who’s packaged a tribute in a book called “Polaroid Hotel.” [Patrick Hoelck]

•  The list of America’s most stressful jobs is out, and photojournalist made #4. And they only make on average $43K a year. At least a Senior Corporate Executive makes $167K. [CNBC]

•  David Hobby left the world of newspaper staff photography behind and changed the photography biz with his Strobist site. [Slate]

•  Eddie Adams didn’t want to be remembered for “Saigon Execution,” his photo of the Viet Cong prisoner with a gun to his head, and really actually wanted a Pulitzer for his photo of Jacqueline Kennedy holding the flag at her husband’s funeral. [Lens]

•  Google Video has bitten the dust. They recommend you move your videos over to YouTube and content will be removed after May 13. [The Register]

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