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The iPad, Photography and You?

Photo by davidmnelson

People lined up at their local Apple outlets on Saturday for first dibs on the iPad. Personally, I’m unimpressed. Er … it’s smaller than an iMac but bigger than an iPhone! And not as utilitarian as either.

In any case, here are Twelve Things a Photographer Can Do With an iPad. It seems like most of the list can also be done on any smartphone, but no one looks to me for technological insights anyway.

Speaking of, check out AP photographer David Guttenfelder’s iPhone work from Afghanistan here

Article from Social Photo Talk

Is Photography Sexy?

011Photo by discarted

Along with baristas and personal trainers, photographers are sexy – at least according to this article on MSN Careers detailing “10 Sexy Careers You Never Thought Of”:

Artsy types get a boost in the sexy department for having a strong sense of style and a unique perspective on the world. Even among artists, photographers stand out because they stay behind the camera, finding beauty in unconventional and overlooked places. Their willingness to stay out of the spotlight and focus their attention on someone else is endearing.

The logic on the list is totally ridiculous – mail carriers’ “legs look nice in those signature navy blue shorts”? But…whatever, take it where you can get it.

Article via MSN Careers

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