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Photography Link Roundup

“Shark Men” Vigo, Spain 2010 Photo by Corey Arnold

Corey Arnold is both a fisherman and a photographer, a great combination when you’re trying to document the commercial fishing industry in the European Union — so “Fish-Work Europe” is the result of five months tracking ports and people in nine countries. It’s also at Charles A. Hartman Fine Art in Portland, OR through January 15. [Hartman Fine Art]

• 12,000 of White House photographer Cecil Stoughton’s photos, letters and books are to be auctioned off today in New York, including the iconic photo of Lyndon Johnson being sworn in on Air Force One and the only known image of JFK and Marilyn Monroe together. [Bonhams]

• “10 Ways to Break Photographer’s Block.” [Photocritic]

• A rundown of the best apps to help edit and share the photos gathering in your smartphone. [Wall Street Journal]

• And there’s an Ansel Adams app for iPad. For those times when you want to run a slideshow of his work but to your own iTunes library pick. [The Online Photographer]

Photographer Captures Street With iPhone

Photo by Greg Schmigel/

Greg Schmigel started shooting street photography with his iPhone 2G about four years ago. When he realized it took pretty decent photos, he decided he wanted to create a project that was simple, interesting and unique, and “Just What I See” was born. (He’s upgraded to the 3GS and 4 since then.) As he told the blog Uglybaby, “I really believe that about 80% of photography is about what the photographer sees. Your choice of camera makes up for the rest.” You can see more of his work here.

These days, some sort of creative endeavor with an Apple product equals instant buzz. Only Oprah has greater popular culture eminence! See Atomic Tom’s iPhone app jam session here or Jesse Rosten’s iPad-lit photo shoot here.  (Atomic Tom’s video has over four million hits since mid-October. Four million!)

Photographer Roughed Up in iPad Fray

Alan Pryke, a news photographer with The Australian newspaper, arrived at Sydney’s flagship Apple store today to document the much-anticipated launch of the iPad. But when the Apple crew showed up, they set up front and center, ignoring the protocol that the first media outlets there are the ones that get the best position. Pryke protested and tried to reclaim his spot, when security intervened and grabbed him by the shirt and shoved him. The situation was soon resolved, and the security firm apologized later for the incident.

Pryke plans to write a letter to a letter to Apple, which I’m sure will go straight to the top and be addressed immediately.

Article from The Australian

The iPad, Photography and You?

Photo by davidmnelson

People lined up at their local Apple outlets on Saturday for first dibs on the iPad. Personally, I’m unimpressed. Er … it’s smaller than an iMac but bigger than an iPhone! And not as utilitarian as either.

In any case, here are Twelve Things a Photographer Can Do With an iPad. It seems like most of the list can also be done on any smartphone, but no one looks to me for technological insights anyway.

Speaking of, check out AP photographer David Guttenfelder’s iPhone work from Afghanistan here

Article from Social Photo Talk

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