And the Harassment Continues…

Travis Puderbaugh, one of the photographers who came out for NPRD on Sunday, was harassed by authorities shortly after the rally broke up. He was taking photos of California Plaza at Grand and 3rd in downtown LA when he was approached by security officers. They were polite, but still clearly stepping beyond the parameters of their authority in asking him to stop taking photos of a public building — from a public sidewalk. Part of their protocol it seems is to place a call into “Angelwar,” which is apparently an anti-terrorism force, to “just file a follow-up report with them.”

Read his full account here.

Photo by Travis Puderbaugh.

2 Responses to “And the Harassment Continues…”

  1. 1 cornballer June 16, 2008 at 8:38 pm

    Oh man, I was so glad to see this. They are full of it.
    I was down there with my little Powershot one day and this older gentlemen came out and asked me to leave as well. I asked why and he said it was Private Property and I told him the sidewalk is public property and I will only be taking a few more and that he can call his supervisor if he likes. He just walked back towards the door and as I walked away he came back to make sure I left.

    Let’s all meet up and protest there next time. JUST over the brass line. 😉

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