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Shop Walmart at Your Own Risk

People of Walmart is a site that celebrates the clientele of America’s largest retail chain. They feature photos of large and colorful and weird people, and everyone gets a good laugh. Until they spot their own mother on it — and then they go to the local Fox news channel and complain.

Melanie Wheeler, of Ypsilanti, Mich., told My Fox Detroit that her mom was unwittingly snapped and now she’s on the site with the caption “A member of the Canadian division of the trench coat mafia.”

“The thing is if you take a picture of someone in public, they’re in public,” she said. “My argument is you’re in a Walmart. We have no privacy shopping? … So, I could go into any store and take a picture of anybody or their children and put it up on a web page.”

Yep. That’s just the world we live in now. As the Fox legal analyst who weighed in said, it’s  totally legal and, in public, there is “no expectation of privacy.”

Source: My Fox Detroit

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