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Social Impact Workshop Begins at Venice Arts

Photo by discarted

If you’re a passionate and dedicated photographer with the intention of making photography more than just your weekend hobby, it’s almost certain that you have taken a class or two throughout your time shooting.

Held at Venice Arts in Venice, CA, the Social Impact Workshop is a brand new long-term documentary program run by acclaimed photojournalist and three-time Pulitzer Prize nominee Jim Hubbard.

Meeting every other Saturday and ending in late February for a total of 12 classes, the workshop will use presentation, discussion, work sharing, and personal shooting to help students explore their chosen subjects more deeply. And with that, see the depth and quality of their work expand over the length of the class.

Other topics that will be covered include but are not limited to accessing subjects, ethical and legal considerations, and equipment selection. At the end of the workshop students will share their work with the public via an exhibit hosted by the Venice Arts Gallery.

With the combination of Jim’s expertise and an eclectic group of talented people (consisting of all skill levels and one child psychologist) to poke and prod for critiques and advice, there isn’t any doubt that each of us will learn something new and likely incorporate another photographer’s way of working into our own camera bag of tricks.

Have We Met…?

Photo by discarted

There are a lot of characters in Los Angeles, and a few places in particular that are magnets for the quirky, offbeat and strange. So I guess it’s no surprise that if you take photos in Venice or Hollywood you might find someone else has also taken a very similar shot of your subject. (There’s a flickr group called Mirrored dedicated to this concept.)

Photo by discarted

Case in point: this guy in Venice who apparently cruises the boardwalk in a wheelchair with his funny little dog perched on his shoulder. He seems to like attention, and he’s out there all the time.

Photo by eedgejr

But, even so, it is slightly stranger when one of your subjects pops up on a flickr member’s page in another city. Oree and Betty were regulars on Hollywood Boulevard, performing with their talking dolls for the passing tourists. Discarted spent a lot of time with them, mostly at their home, your classic fleabag motel room in Hollywood. Literally. After continued harassment from the police, Oree and Betty pulled up stakes and left Hollywood for what they hoped would be the sunnier, friendlier streets of San Diego.

And that’s where edwardmysers40 found them.

Photo by edwardmysers40

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