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Police Quash Fan Photos of Royals

We posted earlier in the month on how England’s Royal Family is trying to prohibit photographs taken of them on their estates. The problem in recent months has been that the Royals felt their privacy was being invaded as they were caught on a few occasions doing some less-than-flattering things, and they maintain they’ve always offered up staged photo opportunities (that, really, are the least they could do for their “subjects”). So it’s all the more suprising that fans’ cameras were seized by police as the Queen Elizabeth and other family members made their way to church on Sunday.

Norfolk police have admitted they acted on their own and that it was a mistake. But still, it’s a scary precedent to set, and all the more so since it’s regarding something as harmless as fans taking photos of a public event – of the most public and revered family in the country no less! As Matthew Sinclair from the watchdog group TaxPayers’ Alliance says in the Daily Mail, “There needs to be a sense of proportion and this seems to have been completely lost in this case.”

Article from The Daily Mail

Queen Wants to Limit Paparazzi

Photo of Buckingham Palace by madancer

The queen of England is saying off with their heads…that is, to the paparazzi who violate her family’s privacy. The Telegraph reports that Buckingham Palace is taking legal action to bar paparazzi from photographing the Royal family on their private estates. The Royal family grants public photo opportunities but want anything more to be deemed criminal harassment. Some say the Royals are just trying to prevent unflattering pictures from emerging – noting two particular photos where the queen was caught wringing a pheasant’s neck and an earl was hitting his hunting dogs. Paparazzi apparently station themselves on public roads and get intimate shots like these with their telephoto lenses. 

I am firmly not in the aggressive paparazzi camp, so I have a hard time siding with people who intimidate and intrude on their subjects to the point of being sleazy and dangerous. Though, on the other hand, it comes down to public people (in this case, very public) and their reasonable expectations of privacy. Do they have any? Not to mention that it also smacks of some hypocrisy, as the article points out, when members of the Royal family are happy to sell access to their private events for some serious cash to these same “intrusive” media outlets.

Articles via the Telegraph and Guardian

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