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Set-Crashing Photog Tells All

If you’ve wondered what goes into getting those clandestine movie set shots that are plastered all over the gossip magazines and E! News, Photo Shelter has an enlightening interview with photographer Eric Ford of On Location News. Ford is a movie buff who started out as an extra, transitioned into photography, and now uses his passion and patience to camp out on sets to get big shots. He got the first-ever set photos of Brad and Angelina on Mr. & Mrs. Smith and made headlines recently with a racy Adam Lambert shot (which he explains how he got).

Ford distinguishes himself from the scrum of regular paparazzi because he only takes set photos, but the article doesn’t mention that he was investigated by the FBI in 2007 for trying to sell sexually explicit photos of the underage Kardashian sisters.

Read the whole interview at Photo Shelter (via The Click)

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