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Is Lady Gaga A Copyright Bully?

Normally I’m all for multi-millionaire celebrities trying to protect what’s rightfully theirs, except in the case when it’s not theirs.

In a move that signals crushing amounts of hubris, Lady Gaga is demanding that photographers sign over the copyright to images taken at her concerts so that she owns them all.

Rolling Stone writes: “This an especially bold demand as the government has established that copyright exists the moment when a work is created, which in this case is the moment when a photographer clicks their shutter button.”

If this is attempt to control her image, it seems totally futile considering everyone has a cell phone camera these days. If it’s an effort to make more money, well, she made $64 million last year and was on the Forbes list as the fourth richest woman in Hollywood, so that’s just greedy.

As concert photographer and intellectual property lawyer David Atlas told Rolling Stone:

“Typically the person who has the least leverage gets the worst release,” Atlas says. “Maybe there’s a photographer that she likes who won’t have to sign the release form, but the people who get paid $125 to hang out for four hours at a concert have to sign this release. So on top of getting paid very little, they have no ongoing revenue stream from these photos whatsoever.”

Lady Gaga Gets Grumpy Over Photo

Performance artist/pop singer Lady Gaga is getting quite the reputation as a diva lately. Page Six reports that when LG saw a fellow diner taking a photo of her in a New York restaurant last weekend, she confronted him and demanded he not only stop but delete the photo, which he did. (The headline read “Lady Gaga Demands Privacy in Public.)

Because we all know Lady Gaga doesn’t like attention.

(And don’t delete photos, people. Those requests are lame bullying tactics that are totally unenforceable.) 

Article from New York Post

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