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Dust Be Gone: Lens Cleaning Tutorial

Nikon’s video tutorial gives you a step-by-step guide on how to clean the lens of a SLR camera to remove dust and keep the camera operating at optimum functionality.

(via Gizmodo)

Technology & the Hopelessly Out of Date

Technology is supposed to simplify your life, but in some ways it makes everything more overwhelming, doesn’t it? Especially when you’re constantly bombarded with directives like this article in last week’s New York Times, where writer Sam Grobart tells you which gadgets you can keep (alarm clock, books) and which you can get rid of (desktop computer, digital music). Wait, digital music is passe? Already?

No surprise, Grobart says to get rid of the point-and-shoot. His reasoning is that a smartphone can serve that purpose. (But how bad can they be if Steven Spielberg is still using one?)

I fully expect by the end of the year Grobart will write an article that says get rid of everything and just live and breathe through your smartphone.

More Bay Area Police Wearing Cameras

Calling it an “unstoppable” trend, the San Francisco Chronicle is reporting that police in the Bay Area have jumped on board the wearable camera wagon. (We’ve posted on Vievus before – they’re devices you can clip to your bag or shirt to capture your perspective for four hours.) Law enforcement have come to see the devices as protection — a way they can “show their side” in a “YouTube society,” as Officer Ronnie Lopez of the San Jose Police Department put it.

I agree. Ain’t nothing wrong with both sides having video evidence of what went down during an incident.

There are considerations though. On the suspect’s (or “person of interest”) side, can the police be trusted not to delete or alter footage? And on the officers’ side, will the use of video inhibit them or make them apprehensive about using force even when it’s necessary? (See Seattle cop punching jaywalker and all the uproar that provoked.)

As Brentwood (CA) Officer George Aguirre said:

“I’d rather you see what I did than hear accusations,” said Aguirre, who does traffic enforcement on a motorcycle and commercial vehicle enforcement in a truck. “When you do everything you’re supposed to do and someone challenges you, there’s nothing better than being able to show the video to them or my supervisors.”

Article from San Francisco Chronicle

Lady Gaga Gets Grumpy Over Photo

Performance artist/pop singer Lady Gaga is getting quite the reputation as a diva lately. Page Six reports that when LG saw a fellow diner taking a photo of her in a New York restaurant last weekend, she confronted him and demanded he not only stop but delete the photo, which he did. (The headline read “Lady Gaga Demands Privacy in Public.)

Because we all know Lady Gaga doesn’t like attention.

(And don’t delete photos, people. Those requests are lame bullying tactics that are totally unenforceable.) 

Article from New York Post

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