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Jaywalking Teens Attack Photographer

It seems photographer Jay York has anointed himself as something like the quality-of-life police in Portland, Oregon. So last Saturday when he saw two teen boys jaywalking across a busy four-lane street, he did what he normally does: he pulled out his iPhone camera to document it so he could send it to city officials. (He does this with graffiti, homeless and the like too.)

The teenagers got upset and tried to grab the camera and an altercation ensued. York called the police, who were able to find the kids in the area and use York’s photo to further ID them. They were arrested and charged with the juvenile equivalent of assault.

On The Portland Press Herald’s site, the comments were pretty evenly divided between those supporting Jay as a much-needed do-gooder and those accusing him of being a tattletale who needs to get a life.

Article from The Portland Press Herald

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