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Inventor Portrait: Steven Sasson


As part of photographer David Friedman’s series on contemporary inventors, he talks to Steven Sasson about his 1975 invention — the digital camera. Sasson’s explanation is a little clunky, but basically he had the foresight to know that when you’re introducing something so foreign and revolutionary, you need to ease people into it so as not to overwhelm and frighten them.

“I like to say to inventors that, be aware that your invention is in an environment where the rest of the world’s inventing along with you, so by the time the idea matures, it’ll be in a totally different world. I think that was the case with the digital camera.”

(via Swiss Miss)

Off Topic: “Deece” Is Mine!

deece Graphic, Article, Sentences, Punctuation and Grammar by discarted

I realize that this is completely off topic, but in a world where many are giving themselves far too much credit than they deserve, or giving themselves credit where credit isn’t even due, I am marking my territory before some blogger stakes claim to what is not rightfully theirs.

So in order to claim ownership/inventorship/responsibleship of “deece,” a word that has been sweeping my little community ever since I invented it in my kitchen six months ago to describe something that is really good, I will say it right now, before “deece” begins sweeping the internet and invading other communities around this great country we call America…

Deece is mine!

For a complete definition of the word “deece” and an audio recording of how it can be used in a sentence, feel free to contact me via email.

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