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Off Topic: “Deece” Is Mine!

deece Graphic, Article, Sentences, Punctuation and Grammar by discarted

I realize that this is completely off topic, but in a world where many are giving themselves far too much credit than they deserve, or giving themselves credit where credit isn’t even due, I am marking my territory before some blogger stakes claim to what is not rightfully theirs.

So in order to claim ownership/inventorship/responsibleship of “deece,” a word that has been sweeping my little community ever since I invented it in my kitchen six months ago to describe something that is really good, I will say it right now, before “deece” begins sweeping the internet and invading other communities around this great country we call America…

Deece is mine!

For a complete definition of the word “deece” and an audio recording of how it can be used in a sentence, feel free to contact me via email.

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