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Nashville Under Water, Under-Reported?

Photo by the American Red Cross

Nashville is under water right now, but you may not realize how bad it is with the almost constant coverage of the oil spill in Louisiana and the inept Times Square bomber. Yesterday Newsweek’s The Gaggle blog commented on the lack of coverage and that Google results for the spill come in at 13,800 and the bomb at 8,390 — to the flood’s paltry 2,430. It seems that it was poor timing for the Cumberland River waters to rise (not that there’s ever a good time…) when there are other more dramatic events taking over the headlines.

Check out the Boston Globe’s Big Picture blog or the American Red Cross‘s flickr photostream for a look at the situation — it’s pretty impressive.

Under Water

Photo by Dave Arntson

Sometimes I feel bad for the parts of our country that experience a disaster (natural  or otherwise) but don’t have the good fortune of being in New York or DC. There is a major city under water right now, but you barely hear about it.

Fargo, North Dakota’s biggest city, and its surrounding communities have been inundated by unprecedented flooding this past week. At one point the Red River peaked at 40.82 feet, more than 22 feet over flood stage. If that happened in midtown Manhattan, you better believe it would be the world’s greatest tragedy and the coverage would be unending. (And I lived in New York City for seven years and I love the place, but the melodrama gets to me.)

Photojournalist Dave Arntson posted a series of pictures on his  web site this week which are worth taking a look at — they’re great photos of the scene in Fargo and neighboring Moorhead, Minn., but, at the bare minimum, they will make you feel thankful you’re dry.

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