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Regular People Do the Reporting at Brady Crash Site

Tom Brady busted up his Audi this morning in a crash in Boston’s Back Bay. It was of course a huge deal for a few hours today as every site from ESPN to TMZ to reported on the non-event.

Anyhow, all of the photos (which are mediocre) of the actual accident while Brady is still there were taken by bystanders with their cell phones. As you go deeper into the photos on the Boston Globe’s site, you start seeing AP, Reuters, etc., but none of their photos are of the actual accident — Brady and the cars are already gone. The professionals’ photos just consist of nicely composed shots of car pieces on the ground with a cop in the background.

This an interesting example showing how journalism has changed, especially regarding citizen journalism (a phrase I can’t stand because the Constitution doesn’t distinguish between credentialed journalists and non-credentialed journalists). So, unless the Globe paid these “photographers” a licensing fee, the news and traditional media are now getting their images for free, which seems like a great deal for them.

Article from Boston Globe

Nashville Under Water, Under-Reported?

Photo by the American Red Cross

Nashville is under water right now, but you may not realize how bad it is with the almost constant coverage of the oil spill in Louisiana and the inept Times Square bomber. Yesterday Newsweek’s The Gaggle blog commented on the lack of coverage and that Google results for the spill come in at 13,800 and the bomb at 8,390 — to the flood’s paltry 2,430. It seems that it was poor timing for the Cumberland River waters to rise (not that there’s ever a good time…) when there are other more dramatic events taking over the headlines.

Check out the Boston Globe’s Big Picture blog or the American Red Cross‘s flickr photostream for a look at the situation — it’s pretty impressive.

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