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Making a Statement

Photo by embellezca

In this age of blogging, Twitter, texting, Robo-Calls, YouTube, Facebook and the myriad of other communication opportunities, it’s nice to know they’ll always be the people who do it the old fashioned way – throwing up posters and stickers, defacing walls, or just writing on whatever space is available.

Here, a selection of political statements from around Los Angeles.

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Record Your Vote

Photo by airencracken

If you haven’t heard, the most important presidential election in our lifetime – or at least the most important one since the last one – is one week from today. In the spirit of citizen journalism, both the New York Times and YouTube/PBS have developed interactive features that we all can contribute to: “Polling Place Photo Project” and “Video the Vote” respectively. They want you to document what it’s like to vote in your town or city – the lines, the ballots, the protesters, the banana bread sold by the local PTA – and upload it to their site. 

Just keep in mind that the laws regarding photography at polling places are strict so as to prevent voter intimidation, and you don’t want to mess around with election officials who can throw you in jail. Here in California, you can’t photograph or film within 100 feet of a polling place. And that means 100 feet of the rooms where ballots are cast.

To see what the rules are in your state, go here.

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