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Culture Mob Interviews Music Photographer Danny Clinch

Born in New Jersey, Danny Clinch went to the New England School of Photography and eventually landed an internship with Annie Leibovitz, famed Rolling Stone photographer. Since then, he has toured with The Police, filmed Ben Harper, and still finds time to play the harmonica.

To read the full interview check out Culture Mob.

To see more of Clinch’s work head to his website.

Photography Link Roundup

Photo by “Mike” Michael L. Baird/

• AP photographer Julie Jacobson wins the top Military Reporters & Editors award for her photos of a marine’s death. Also: Chad Hunt wins for his Popular Mechanics photo essay of a military mission called Thunder 2. [MRE]

• Rock photographer Danny Clinch talks Bob Dylan, the Boss and Mary Ellen Mark in this interview on the T Magazine blog. [T Magazine/New York Times]

• Yemeni native and International Center of Photography student Amira Al Sharif has embarked on “Unveiling Misconceptions,” a one-year project to document the lives of American women in their 20s, and she’s raising funds here. [Boing Boing]

• Biologists identify a humpback whale on a 6,000 mile journey thanks to Flickr photos. [New York Times]

• Because embarrassment and shame shouldn’t be kept private — a web site devoted to those “not-so-hot photos” of your youth. [Before You Were Hot]

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