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Photography Link Roundup

Photo by “Mike” Michael L. Baird/

• AP photographer Julie Jacobson wins the top Military Reporters & Editors award for her photos of a marine’s death. Also: Chad Hunt wins for his Popular Mechanics photo essay of a military mission called Thunder 2. [MRE]

• Rock photographer Danny Clinch talks Bob Dylan, the Boss and Mary Ellen Mark in this interview on the T Magazine blog. [T Magazine/New York Times]

• Yemeni native and International Center of Photography student Amira Al Sharif has embarked on “Unveiling Misconceptions,” a one-year project to document the lives of American women in their 20s, and she’s raising funds here. [Boing Boing]

• Biologists identify a humpback whale on a 6,000 mile journey thanks to Flickr photos. [New York Times]

• Because embarrassment and shame shouldn’t be kept private — a web site devoted to those “not-so-hot photos” of your youth. [Before You Were Hot]

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