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Legendary Pitcher Takes Rock Pics?

Randy Johnson couldn’t be satisfied with just being one of the best all-time pitchers in baseball, he also had to try his hand at live rock show photography…and do it pretty well, too. A sampling of his photos of  Soundgarden at Lollapalooza appears in this month’s issue of Spin.

It all started in the 1990s when Johnson played for the Seattle Mariners and started hanging out with lead guitarist Kim Thayil in the way famous people are lucky enough to do. Gallivanting in bars and pool halls led to a lasting friendship, and Johnson ended up getting a primo spot in the photo pit and backstage for some exclusive pics. On the band’s reaction: “I think it was maybe something more than what they expected, which is a compliment to me.”

See Johnson’s Lollapalooza photo gallery in Spin (via Seattle Post-Intelligencer)

50 Cent’s Goon Assaults Photographers

Has-been rapper 50 Cent employs bodyguards who like to beat up photographers. As seen in this clip, a bodyguard goes after a couple of photographers waiting outside the rapper’s hotel in Denmark, physically assaulting them — even putting his hands around one’s neck at one point. On an oddly crazed tear, the bodyguard then goes into the photographer’s car and steals his camera. The photographer also claims he deleted his photos.

The bodyguard, whose name has not been released, was later arrested and charged with assault.

Perhaps the bodyguards would be wise to realize paparazzi photos of 50 Cent would only benefit the rapper’s career at this point (if an outlet would even buy them)…. I mean, wow. Talk about misguided anger.

Article from New York Daily News

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