“Sign of the Times” – Bleak In Yorkshire

It almost seems redundant to keep posting these incidents from England because they’re so egregious and, sadly, seem to be just the way of life there nowadays. But it’s also possible, with regular attention and outrage, that things could improve and the stranglehold authorities have on photography might lessen one day.

In a story on the Yorkshire Post site Tuesday, Carl Minns, a member of the Hull City Council, was contacted by police after he took pictures at a local mall. Minns was taking photos at St. Stephen’s shopping center when a security guard told him he wasn’t allowed because it was private property. But here’s where it gets ridiculous: When Minns complained, in the form of an email to the center’s management, instead of replying they forwarded it straight onto the police! As if a city council member expressing concern about a photography policy was a threat!

Minns soon got a call from the police, which he said was handled all well and good on their end, but acknowledged it was an unusual scenario: “I have a lot of dealings with the police because of my job, but I can imagine the shock of this happening to an ordinary person.” The police told him the center was supposedly acting within the country’s terrorism guidelines.

In the meantime, Minns was told he won’t be facing any charges, but he still hasn’t received a response to his initial complaint. A center spokesperson called it an oversight they’re working on, while admitting the photography policy was a “sign of the times.”

Article from the Yorkshire Post

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