Homeland Security Renews Photography Suspicion

0382A012Critical infrastructure. Photo by discarted

Homeland Security head Janet Napolitano told reporters last week that we all need to be aware and on the lookout for terrorists on the prowl, and that means calling in photographers “continually taking photographs of a piece of critical infrastructure that doesn’t seem to make any sense.” Jeesh, way to set us back, oh, about eight years, Janet. I feel like I’m having flashbacks to a different administration.

Just when it looked like there was a little progress, with Amtrak and the NYPD revising or clarifying their policies – now, law enforcement has a renewed mandate to harass photographers who “continually” shoot, say, their local ports or skyscrapers. I can just see the cop or security guard who finds that type of photography just “doesn’t make sense.”

Article from PDNPulse

Read the National Press Photographers Association response here

1 Response to “Homeland Security Renews Photography Suspicion”

  1. 1 Dave August 5, 2009 at 11:43 pm

    thats crazy. I officially stopped replying to the FBI’s rounds of questions after an officer would take my info, I routinley would get an FBI call about 3 weeks later. EVERY time.

    I just told them to stop calling. I mean look at my website for petes sake… night photography and industrial night scenes are all I shoot….

    we are turning into Russia. Come and talk to us, ask some questions, fiddle our names through your computers, fine. Just dont break our rights to photograph what we can see from public ground.

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