Photostreaming With Obama

Official White House Photo by Pete Souza

I don’t want to just be a bandwagoneeer, but there are things about this presidential administration that have really impressed me. There is a hackneyed old phrase that comes to mind, but I’ll use it anyway: breath of fresh air. 

In an interesting – and unprecedented – move, the White House created a Flickr account and uploaded 299 photos this week. We see President Obama in situations a rare few have access to:  in the White House movie theater, waiting in the Blue Room before a press conference, on Air Force One, in his private study. The photos are, collectively and individually, quite awesome. 

This president doesn’t seem to have a problem with cameras, and amazingly, wants people to see what’s going on at the White House – he seems to be encouraging, dare I say it, openness. They’ve even enabled comments! Now that’s an interesting tack for a government official….

The man behind the camera is the White House’s official photographer, Pete Souza.

2 Responses to “Photostreaming With Obama”

  1. 1 Jeff Anderson May 4, 2009 at 12:28 pm

    Why are Obama fans impressed with the most idiotic things? (No offense.) The president uploaded pictures? Whoop dee do. When is he going to balance the budget? He went $2 trillion in the wrong direction! When are the troops coming home and the wars ending? Ever? Why is he keeping the military tribunals? When is he going to cut the special interest pork from the budget? There’s more in his first budget than there ever was under that moron who just left the White House!

    I was pretty sure I was being sold a bunch of lies by the Obama political machine, but I took a chance. Now I know it was all BS. So he has pictures on Flickr? You view them. I’m so sick of politics, so sick of the lies and corruption, so sick of politicians selling America to the highest biding special interests that I will never bother voting again.

    Change? Nope. Just more of the same.

    • 2 babydiscarted May 6, 2009 at 12:23 pm

      OK, you’re really disappointed, I get it. But it’s been all of 5 months. How do you expect one man to fix the colossal mess we’re in – that I might add, has been accumulating over the past 8 years and beyond? I don’t get people with these unrealistic expectations, like this guy was going to come in and fix our country in a month and everything would be sunshine and rainbows from here on out?

      And all I was saying about the Flickr account is, it’s a nice change of pace to see the inner workings of the White House. Especially after 8 years of an administration that had a disdain for the press, photographers and openness.

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