Alert: Man Taking Photos of Kids!

According to an article on the BBC news site, Glasgow police and school officials have their knickers in a bunch after a man was spotted photographing the football team at an elementary school. Apparently the man did not approach any of the students; he was just seen taking photos. Police are now on alert and have stepped up patrols of the school and are trying to track him down from the description they have. (“He was described as a white male, around 50-60 years old, approximately 5ft 10ins tall, with white, greying hair. He was wearing a brown jacket, khaki trousers, a white shirt and walking boots.” Gee, that sounds like just about 1/4 of Scotland.)   

On the one hand, it’s alarming to think a pedophile is stalking an elementary school, and I’m all for protecting children. On the other, what if he just saw a good photo opportunity of some kids playing football? Is that really so wrong? Is this the sort of melodramatic, fear-mongering, hyper-intense society we can expect to live in from now on? I guess so.

Article from the BBC

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