Oh, How the Apple Has Fallen

picture-6 Screen grab from Apple.com

With the advancement of technology and the proliferation of  rapidly outdated gadgets, Apple once again releases another featureless iPod. Planned obsolescence is alive and well.

Lacking any control buttons on Apple’s newest iPod shuffle, your headphone jack has officially been highjacked by Apple, restricting you to don their iconic white headphones to operate “the first music player to talk to you.” Enslaved by this monopolized feature, we will all now walk the streets as Apple’s permanent billboards, unable to use another brand’s headphones with this battery-sized rectangle.

With a sleek, catchy design and ability to hold 1000 songs,  Apple’s “amazingly small” device will fit easily into our consumer-driven culture, compelling us to purchase a second one as soon we lose the first one after attempting to use it with our “eyes closed.” And in case you’re lucky enough to only lose the headphones (which is the only way to play Apple’s tiniest music player),  it will cost you just $79 to purchase a brand new set of Apple’s in-Ear Headphones — the entire cost of a 4GB iPod Shuffle (including the headphones).

Way to go, Apple. Just like your stock price, your newly designed and “innovative” products have fallen far from the tree and are now just fermenting on the ground.

Note: We realize this site is about photography and photographers’ rights, but we do know a lot of photographers who listen to music via an iPod while out shooting. And even if you don’t, chances are you’re an Apple customer, it being a monopoly and all.

1 Response to “Oh, How the Apple Has Fallen”

  1. 1 carlos alberto guzman rojas October 4, 2009 at 9:39 am

    very far from the street mr. Wayne

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