Don’t Mess With Texas…Cops

picture-3 Image from Action 4 News

Many police officers don’t engender respect because they don’t treat people with it. Time and time again this happens, and the scenario is always the same.  A reporter who is doing his job and doesn’t kowtow to a cop’s demands then gets arrested. The charges are invariably “resisting, ” “obstructing a peace officer” or “interfering with public duties.”

The latest case of police abuse of power comes out of Mission, Texas, where Action 4 News reporter Victor Castillo was arrested this past Thursday while videotaping a crime scene. In the video, Castillo had a minor confrontation with Officer McCrea of the Mission Police Department — actually more more like an exchange of words — and it seems that McCrea didn’t feel like Castillo was being sufficiently deferential so he arrested him.

Just because officers have the ability to arrest anyone they feel like doesn’t mean they should. How about practicing some restraint sometimes? I would imagine dealing with confrontation is a key part of the job description.

If I were a betting man, I would put my money on all charges being dropped and Castillo filing a lawsuit against  McCrea and the Mission Police Department for violating his 1st Amendment rights and for being unlawfully arrested.

On the other hand, I wouldn’t put anything on McCrea being disciplined for his actions. That’s just not how it works in this country. Cops like McCrea can break the law and keep their jobs, but it’s the taxpayers who pay for their crimes.


To voice you concerns contact Chief Leo Longoria of the Mission Police by clicking here

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