They Can Shoot Us, But We Can’t Shoot Them

Photo by discarted

It only took 17 years, but the LAPD is finally getting dashboard cameras installed in patrol cars. The issue was first suggested in the early 90s, and in an article in New American Media, Councilman Ed Reyes blamed the delay on the fact that it was a “low priority” for the previous administration. The first wave of cameras will be for about 300 cars in the South Bureau, which sees the highest rates of crime and violence.

There will be two different dashboard cams (one facing front, one facing the backseat) and the officers will wear wireless microphones. Data will be automatically uploaded and sent to a computer at the local station.

“From a patrol officer’s point of view, it’s a good thing,” said Officer Danny Hernandez.

From a suspect’s point of view, it’s also a good thing.

Article from New American Media.

1 Response to “They Can Shoot Us, But We Can’t Shoot Them”

  1. 1 discarted June 13, 2008 at 10:38 pm

    maybe it would be a better idea to have the media uploaded to a neutral third party company. that way that thing they call “the thin blue line” won’t delete, misinterpret, or without the video from public scrutiny when an officer crosses the line and abuses his authority

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