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Diego Robles: Young & Award-Winning

Photo by Diego Robles

True/Slant has an interview with 25-year-old Diego Robles, the Denver Post’s most recent hire and the youngest photographer on staff. He also has a ton of awards already, including the White House News Photographers Association 2009 Student Photographer of the Year. Diego also won first place (for the above photo) for sports feature in the 2009 College Photographer of the Year contest. (The same contest that we posted on where outed Shield Law photographer Alex Welsh won first place.)

Robles has an interesting story, particularly that he was deployed in the army in Kosovo and that’s where he got hooked on photography after picking up a friend’s manual SLR. He was also a freelancer for the Gallup Independent focusing on the central and western part of the Navajo Nation before signing onto the Denver Post.

I want viewers to feel something when they look at my work. Anything will do. Photographs don’t always have to be intimate and meaningful.

Read the whole interview at True/Slant (via The Click)

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