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Photography Link Roundup

Photo by lightwelder

• Substitute teacher, photographer and boxing enthusiast Emily Harney has been shooting fights for 10 years — she’s even pissed off Mike Tyson. Those are her photos in the Mark Wahlberg  movie “The Fighter.” [Salem News]

• The World Erotic Art Museum in Miami is suing blogger/photographer Thomas Hawk for $2 million because he took photos of the exhibits and published them on Flickr. They say he violated their “no professional or flash photography” policy. [Gizmodo]

• Paul Burwell is a photographer who specializes in snowflakes. He’s good, but he’s actually not the world’s pre-eminent snowflake photographer. [Montreal Gazette]

• What does Norway look like over 365 days? In the video “One year in 2 minutes,” you see 3,500 images — all from the same window — unfold. [Boing Boing]

• Should you work for free? Consult this helpful chart for the answer. [A Photo Editor]

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