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Photos Go “Back to the Future”

Photos by Irina Werning

Argentine photographer Irina Werning claims her life is chaotic, but the attention to detail in her “Back the Future” project is pretty impressive. Werning painstakingly recreates vintage photos with the same subjects, years later, and the the result is an engrossing collection of photos that show the passage of time.

(Incidentally, Werning has also given the similar treatment to a few pro athletes, as seen in this ESPN article here.)

Werning just received Burn Magazine’s “Emerging Photographer Grant 2011” — for “the icons of tomorrow and not today.” To see more of her work, go here.

Pit Bulls: Friend Not Foe

Before they were known as aggressive attack dogs, pit bulls were nicknamed “nanny dogs” and known as friend and protector to children.

As the Yonah Ward Grossman blog says:

The most tolerant, patient, gentle breed of dogs is now embarrassingly portrayed as the most dangerous.  It would be funny if the new reputation did not mean 6,000 are put to death every day, by far the highest number of any other breed euthanized.

For an image gallery, go here.

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