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Man Arrested For Filming Police – From His Garage

Abuse of power at its most worrisome:

The trouble started when Lonnel Duchine saw police detaining a group of juveniles at gunpoint. Having his camera-equipped phone on him, Duchine started to film the events as they unfolded. However, once they knew they were on camera, backup officers not directly taking part in the investigation approached Duchine, demanding that he hand over the phone as evidence. When he refused, Duchine was cuffed and informed that he was being charged with interfering with police business.


Vallejo Cop Trespasses, Violates Homeowner’s Civil Rights

If this were anybody else other than a cop, they would be in jail right now.  But we all know how the law doesn’t work when it comes to cops breaking the law and violating people’s civil rights.  The settlement from this lawsuit needs to come out of this cop’s own wallet and not the taxpayers.  But before that happens, this hero should be fired and then face a judge.

To voice your concerns regarding this officer’s behavior, contact Vallejo’s Chief of Police Robert W. Nichelini:

Chief Robert W. Nichelini
111 Amador St., Vallejo, CA 94590
(707) 648-4321

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