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Our Photos of the Year


We here at the Discarted blog decided to post our favorite photos of the year – that we ourselves took. I’m not in the same league as discarted or cinemafia, but I like to pull out the point-and-shoot once in awhile. Or as a certain someone calls it, the point-and-miss-it.

For me, it was a tie. I took this one in Griffith Park in Los Angeles. Despite there being practically no visibility on most days up in those hills due to smog and pollution, the light and colors at the Observatory are gorgeous.

I also like this one I took in Utah in September on the return leg of my six-week-long cross-country road trip. I was overall pretty amazed with Utah and now think you haven’t really lived until you visit there.


It is the remains of the Dewey Bridge, built in 1916, located on the Upper Colorado River Scenic Byway – one of the most beautiful drives in the country. In April, a fire, accidentally set at a nearby campground, destroyed it.

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